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There’s a reason everyone knows the phrase “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” Mental health is an essential part of our overall health and wellbeing. We can’t be our happiest, healthiest selves without feeling good in mind and body.

The daily stress and anxiety we face in our lives play a major role in our physical health. Whether it’s a relationship, a child, a job, or any other worry, we all have to deal with our fair share of challenges. While others may face more acute mental health concerns, including PTSD, bipolar disorder, or treatment-resistant depression.

It’s not always easy to find care that makes it easier to get through these worries and challenges.

Finding the right therapist itself can be a challenge that you have to figure out. The right fit might be a therapist who’s out-of-network, or difficult to get to, or a psychiatrist who’s fully booked, or a counselor who specializes in your concern. That’s where using an online mental health provider might be a better option.

Tips for find the best online therapist for you

With the growing demand for online therapy services, it can be challenging to find the right therapist who can help you with your mental health needs. In this post, I will provide some suggestions on what to look for and questions to ask to help you find a good match.

  1. Look for a licensed therapist: The first thing to look for is whether the therapist is licensed in your state. A licensed therapist has met the educational and training requirements to practice therapy, which means they have the necessary skills and knowledge to help you with your mental health issues. You can check the therapist’s license on your state’s licensing board website.
  2. Check the therapist’s experience: It’s essential to find a therapist who has experience working with the issues you are facing. You can check the therapist’s website or online profile to see their areas of expertise.
  3. Read reviews and testimonials: Online reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insights into the therapist’s approach, communication style, and success rate. You can check the therapist’s website, social media pages, or review sites like Yelp or Google to read reviews and testimonials from their clients.
  4. Ask about the therapist’s availability: It’s crucial to find a therapist whose schedule works with yours. Ask the therapist about their availability and whether they offer evening or weekend appointments.
  5. Ask about the therapist’s approach: Different therapists use different approaches to help their clients. Ask the therapist about their approach and whether they use evidence-based therapies.
  6. Ask about the therapist’s fees and insurance: It’s important to know the therapist’s fees and whether they accept your insurance. If the therapist doesn’t accept insurance, ask if they offer sliding-scale fees or payment plans.
  7. Trust your gut: Finally, it’s essential to trust your instincts when choosing a therapist. If you feel uncomfortable or uneasy with a therapist, it’s okay to keep looking for a therapist who feels like a good match.

Online therapy is easier than you think

Choose from a variety of mental health therapists and psychiatrists with different backgrounds and specialties, available when you are, from the comfort of your phone or computer.

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Benefits of using online mental health counseling

It’s Easy

Online therapy makes finding a therapist easy. Now you can see a therapist, psychiatrist, couples counselor, children’s therapist, and more virtually, wherever you are. Online apps make it easy to find the right fit by letting you filter based on specialty, availability, and language. 

More Options

Plus, with online therapy, you have options for therapists with different specialties, psychiatrists from diverse backgrounds, and clinicians available night or day. 

Sessions Are Wherever You Are

Online therapy offers the convenience and comfort of getting care from home. All you have to do is make time for that 25 or 50 minute appointment. 

See Results

The improvement we see at Doctor On Demand in patients’ mental health, whether it’s anxiety, depression, a member, a child, or a spouse, is evidence of the effectiveness of  online mental health care. Depression is a great example. Nearly 90% of our patients saw an improvement in their symptoms after just four visits.

It Might Cost You Nothing

When you use online telehealth services like Doctor On Demand, you will always know your cost before you start your visit. Many employers cover urgent care and mental health visits as part of their employee benefit package. Or if you have Medicare, you might also be fully covered. It is definitely worth looking into so you can feel good about getting the best care and an affordable (or free) price.

Doctor On Demand By Included Health

At Doctor On Demand by Included Health, we have licensed therapists and psychiatrists who specialize in anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and more. You may benefit from talking to someone outside of your close family and friends. We’re here when you’re ready, and available 24/7, everyday of the year, including holidays.