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Grand Rounds Health and Doctor On Demand rebrand as Included Health.

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Why join Doctor On Demand?

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Patient-physician relationship

Avoid rushing in and out of visit rooms and treat patients in the comfort of their own home. We offer high-touch support from our Physician Liaison and Customer Support teams while physicians can focus on the patient and manage treatment and continuity of care through our latest labs offerings.

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Quality of care

Doctor On Demand is NCQA, ATA and HiTrust certified as well as AMA and FSMB Compliant. Peer reviews, collaboration across medical and mental health practices, and physician mentorship are utilized to promote a continuous learning environment. The antibiotic stewardship program and quality review committee ensure world class quality of care.

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Our technology platform provides physicians with an easy-to-use EMR and advanced video streaming capabilities. Information is shared effectively between our medical and mental health care providers and pharmacies. Our call routing functionality keeps patient wait time at a minimum while providing physicians the proper amount of time to complete meaningful and quality visits.

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Flexibility and freedom

Serve patients uninterrupted from the comfort of your own home, office or convenient location - from anywhere in the U.S. Experience reduced administrative tasks and efficient paperless charting. Worklife balance and flexibility are core pillars of our staffing model with scheduling options to fit your life.

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Grand Rounds Health and Doctor On Demand rebrand as Included Health, a market-first integrated virtual healthcare company.

Doctor On Demand by Included Health continues to deliver a disruptive healthcare model by breaking down barriers and improving accessibility to care. Physician satisfaction, quality of service, and meaningful patient-physician relationships are our top priorities.

A flexible, agile, and work-from-home environment allows our physicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists to treat patients much faster than traditional healthcare models. Apply to a position listed below to learn how video visits can improve the world’s health through compassionate care and innovation.

Working to make a difference

Hear from Dr. Betsy Farnum and Dr. Melinda Alba, both family practice physicians, on what makes their work with Doctor On Demand so rewarding.

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Doctor On Demand is hiring Physicians
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