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Are you wondering why you are struggling to lose weight? You think you are taking the right steps and yet you are still not seeing the progress you would like. Here are five ways you might be sabotaging your weight loss goals.

Setting Unrealistic Goals

Setting a goal to lose a large amount of weight can make seem it unattainable and discourage you. Focus on small and achievable goals with a set deadline. For example, losing 5 pounds for an upcoming trip or training for a 5k.

Not Preparing Your House

Cleaning out your house of unhealthy food and beverages that may tempt you is an important step to being successful. Stocking your house with healthy food choices will keep you on track and prevent mindless eating.

Not Having A Support System

Surround yourself with people who will support and encourage you on your new healthy lifestyle. Even have everyone in your house participate in healthy eating to prevent you from feeling deprived.

Not Tracking Your Food

Many people are unaware of the food choices they make. Tracking your food will help you realize what you are consuming and provide insight into what may be causing you to not lose weight. Keeping track of your mood as well with each meal is important to determine emotional triggers.

Lack of Physical Activity

Along with healthy eating, it’s essential to be physically active to help boost weight loss. Exercise helps burn calories and can make you feel good about yourself. If the thought of exercise sounds dreading, start out by taking 10,000 steps each day.

Speaking with a mental health professional, coach, or therapist about your weight loss goals can also be a huge help. A licensed therapist or coach can help to identify your triggers, set priorities and create a detailed plan to get you on the right track.